2013 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Derick E. Hingle, USA TODAY Sports
Every year, before the draft, I write an article on a fantasy football draft strategy and key targets to consider in each round.  Let's assume a 15 round draft with 12 teams in the league starting QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/TE/RB, TE, K, DEF starters.  Obviously there are many different scoring types so the recommended targets are solid all-around players that should produce fantasy points in any format.

For the first four rounds it is highly recommended that you focus on grabbing three RB's and one QB in any order.  WR and TE are extremely deep this year and solid RB's are going to be hard to come by later in the draft.

Round 1: (QB or RB) recommended targets include Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, Trent Richardson, Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin, Ray Rice, CJ Spiller, LeSean McCoy, Alfred Morris or Steven Jackson.  If you would prefer you could take a top tier QB like Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers.

Round 2: (QB or RB) select a RB from the previous round list above, but if all are drafted then look to Stevan Ridley, Chris Johnson, Frank Gore, Darren Sproles, Darren McFadden, Chris Ivory, or Matt Forte.  If you prefer you could take a top tier QB like the one's previously mentioned, but if both are drafted you could take Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Matt Ryan

Round 3: (QB or RB) A RB from the previous round or David Wilson, Reggie Bush, or Lamar Miller.  If you prefer you could take a QB here starting with the previously mentioned QBs or if all are drafted then target Andrew Luck.

Round 4: (QB or RB) a RB from the previously mentioned rounds if they are available or DeAngelo Williams, Ryan Matthews or Demarco Murray.  If you prefer you can draft your QB in Round 4 from the previously mentioned QB's if they are available, but if all are drafted then target Colin Kaepernick.

So going into Round 5, you should have three RB's and one QB on your team.  Your team should look something like Matt Ryan, Doug Martin, Chris Johnson, and Demarco Murray.

For the next three rounds your focus should be on drafting two WR's (Round 5 and Round 6) then a TE in the 7th round.

Round 5: (WR) by Round 5 there are many WR's and some TE's that will be off the board.  The top "assumed targets" (most top WR's will be drafted by this round, but if a top tier WR is available then please draft that player.  I will lay out WR's and TE's I think would be available in Round 5 and beyond).  The WR's to target would include: Victor Cruz, Reggie Wayne, or Torrey Smith.

Round 6: (WR) the WR targets include the previously mentioned WR's along with Dwayne Bowe and Steve Smith.

Round 7: (TE)  the TE available to target would most likely include (due to other top tier TE's already having been drafted) Greg Olsen and Martellus Bennett.

Your team should now include one QB, three RB's, two WR's and one TE.  Continuing with our example your team could look like Matt Ryan, Doug Martin, Chris Johnson, Demarco Murray, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe, and Greg Olsen.

In the next two rounds you should target a RB and WR to increase your depth.

Round 8: (RB or WR) recommended targets in this round include (again if any players are still available at RB or WR from the list above, please take those players first) TY Hilton, Lance Moore, James Jones, Ronnie Hillman, or Andre Brown.

Round 9: (RB or WR) recommended additional targets if all of the above targets are drafted include: Danario Alexander, Kendall Wright, Mark Ingram, or Michael Bush.

By now your team should be looking fairly full with one QB, four RB's, three WR's and one TE.

Rounds 10 through 14 should include a Team Defense, a back-up TE, a back-up QB, two WR's, and one RB.

Round 10: (QB, DEF, TE, WR or RB) targets include Ryan Broyles or Rueben Randle

Round 11: (QB, DEF, TE, WR or RB) targets include Emmanual Sanders or Shane Vereen

Round 12: (QB, DEF, TE, WR or RB) targets include Julian Edelman, Chris Givens, or Knowshon Moreno

Round 13: (QB, DEF, TE, WR or RB) targets include Brandon Myers or Jared Cook

Round 14: (QB, DEF, TE, WR or RB) targets for Team Defense include Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, or Baltimore Ravens.

Your team should now have two QB's, four RB's, five WR's, two TE's, and a Team Defense.

Round 15 draft pick should be your kicker; there is no need to grab a kicker in any other round.

Need further assistance drafting?  Check out the Hatty Waiver Wire Guru draft guide.

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