2013 Fantasy Football Running Backs Go Fast

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When it's time to draft most people go in with somewhat of a strategy and the pace of the draft can take you off of your strategy by the time you hit round three or four.  2013 is going to be a tough year to find running back (RB) depth in later rounds.  By the time you hit round six this year you are going to have to have your RB's all set or you are going to find yourself having to trade and most likely end up on the wrong side of the trade having to give up a ton of value.

Wide Receivers (WR) and Quarterbacks (QB) are extremely deep this year and if you don't pick a top five QB then you may as well wait on QB as there is a ton of value in later rounds.  There have been many injuries in the pre-season already at the WR position allowing for more depth.

Think of players like Vincent Brown, James Jones, Golden Tate, TY Hilton, Anquan Boldin, Rueben Randle, all moving up charts due to injuries.  There are also WR's that are being picked late in drafts that offer great upside: Mike Williams, Lance Moore, Josh Gordon, Ryan Broyles, and a number of others to round out your team.

QB's going later with massive upside are: Tony Romo, RGIII, Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, and Eli Manning.

If you do anything in your 2013 draft, make sure to draft three RB's in the first four rounds.  Give yourself the depth you need on the bench and be prepared for injuries, spot starts, and bye weeks.

In one of my drafts this year I am going to draft four RB's in the first five rounds and then work a trade later in the season.  In all my mock drafts trying this method I am still ending up with solid WR's, QB, and TE.  Plus I now have two stud RB's on the bench just mocking the other teams.

If you take anything away from this short article it's that you don't want to sleep on RB's in 2013.

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