Getting the Edge in NFL Fantasy Football

Chances are many of you are like me and always trying to find the edge when selecting who to start and who to sit for the week for your NFL fantasy football team.  One important thing to keep in mind is the potential outcome of the game.  If you player is on a team going up against a tough defense then you have to take that in mind when deciding on which player to start.
There are many times where I have three solid RB's for the week (example: Andre Brown (RB, NYG), Ray Rice (RB, BAL), and Alfred Morris (RB, WAS)) and I have to make a decision on which two RB's to start.

You have to take into account the defense that they will play against and if it's a tough defense you may want to back off knowing your team may have to throw more often.  The opposite side of the coin is if the defense is not solid and your RB could get a ton of garbage time (when one team is blowing out the other team) running plays.

Some sites you may not have considered checking before are sites like Sports Betting Dime. A site like this will rate the quality of many other sites where you can check the spreads of the game and see if a team is going to get blown out.

Another site to consider would be a site like Fantasy Pros and use a player ranking tool two compare the RB's side by side.  I also like to check reports on Junk Yard Jake to see the match ups.

Selecting players weekly can be a real challenge, but with a couple extra sources of information you can make solid decisions when selecting between all your options.

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