Winning in the Playoffs

The playoff are upon us and most of us are in the middle of playoffs right now.  In order to ensure you do your best weekly there a number of things you can do:

1) Make sure to check on the latest news from sources like: 2)  Most sports betting sites like have odds for the TEAM 3) Check the weather, since that has become a factor recently

Other ways to really maximize your ability to win:

1) work the waiver wire and pick-up players that will have a hot week (this week players like Toby Gerhart, Da'Rick Rogers, or Dennis Pitta) 2) trade out your defense to find the defense with the best match-up 3) if you are projected to get crushed then go after high upside players like Cordarrelle Paterson

I know these tips may seem to be straightforward, but you can change the outcome by taking care of the little details.  One last detail is to make sure to use the waiver wire even if you don't plan on using the player.  If you pick up a hot pick-up for the week it means other teams can't pick them up to use against you.

I have found that when I apply these concepts that I tend to go further in the playoffs.  I barely got into one of my playoffs in sixth place due to injuries during the year, but was able to get last minute pickups like Marcel Reece last week and he rocked it out for me.  You MUST check the news right before the games as players like Reggie Bush could slip on the ice and be out for the game.  This will be the difference on whether or not you make it to the next round.

Good luck and bring home the championship this year!

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