2016 Fantasy Football Streaming in Play-offs

Matthew Kartozian - USA Today Sports
The play-off run is before us and there are a couple things you can do in order to give your team an edge on your way to a championship.  If you don't currently carry one of the top defenses or kickers then you can use the waiver wire as your pool weekly to pickup a defense and kicker who have the best match-ups.  Check out Casinoexpertti.com.

The best way to utilize this strategy is to use the weekly rankings for kicker and defense and find the top waiver wire pick-up free agent on the list.  Obviously if your current kicker or defense is ranked higher then don't bother picking anyone up.

What typically works is to drop someone on your bench and then use that free spot to grab a kicker or defense and use that slot to rotate kickers and defense.  By utilizing this strategy it has typically resulted in grabbing extra points weekly that can makeup for any under-performing player.

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