Tips for Fantasy Play-off Success

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Author: Will Kay

Tips for Fantasy Football Playoff Success

If your vast football knowledge has paid off and taken you into the championship bracket of your fantasy league the time for trying something new or taking a chance on a certain player is over. It’s time to buckle down, go with what works and keep your eyes on the prize, be it bragging rights, cash or both. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to successfully bring it home over the next two to three weeks.

Pay Attention to the Exception of the Above Rule

Yes, directly above this point, I told you to go with the guys who got you to the playoffs, but there is an exception, defense. At this time of year, this should be a strictly match-up based play. Just because Minnesota or Denver got you to the playoffs, that doesn’t mean you need to start them (although the Vikings do play the Jaguars in week 14) With turnovers and touchdowns being the key ways for your defense to score points, look for defenses playing the Browns, Bears or Chargers. These are some of the league leading teams in turnovers. Case in point, despite not having a great defense, the Bengals have the second-ranked fantasy defense in week 14 because they play the Browns.

Dance With Who Brought You

When you look at your roster, even if you like a certain match-up, maybe Mike Evans looks tempting against the Saints defense, it is important to stick with the guys who have brought you the victories thus far. It’s tempting to play a match-up game here, but as the real life players help their teams battle for playoff positions, they are likely to be your fantasy studs too. You obviously would never sit Mike Evans under any healthy circumstances, but you get the point - play your top guys.

Pay Attention to Injury Updates

While it was ok to roll with a guy who had a “questionable” designation and assume he would play during the regular season, this isn’t a trend to continue for the playoffs. For instance, if you have LeSean McCoy or Jordan Reed, you need to make sure they are going to play before you commit to them in your lineup. It is also important to pay attention to your opponent’s potential injury issues. If one of his top players could be out, see who the handcuff is and pick him up before your opponent can. Even if you don’t start him, you’ll keep your opponent from doing so. You should have plenty of room on your bench to do this because you have certain players you know won’t crack the lineup now and you can cut them.

Pay Attention to Your League Schedule

 Most playoffs will wrap up over the next 2-3 weeks, but if your league goes into week 17, your strategies could change. Here are some good tips if your league is one of the few that plays into week 17.

In addition to these tips, here are some good waiver wire pickups (and players to avoid) as the playoffs get underway. Following these tips and others, will hopefully leave you in good position to claim your league’s championship and months-worth of bragging rights. However, if you are looking for that little extra edge, you could always try the sixth tip suggested here. While there is no scientific basis for it, it has worked for some people.

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