Player Spotlight: Donnie Avery

Donnie Avery/ WR/ St. Louis Ram

Torry Holt has long been one of my favorite NFL players being an alumni of my Alma Mater NC State but there is a new top gun in St. Louis. Donnie Avery has emerged in the Rams revitalized offense as the primary deep ball threat. Avery this past week had 6 catches for 163 yards and a Teeder that caused the veteran secondary of the Patriots to look pathetic. Avery has blazing speed and great hands to compliment a high football IQ.

We recommended Avery as a strong pickup last week and if you are one of the few who are lucky enough to be in a league where he is still available do yourself a favor and pick him up now. With games against Arizona, San Fran and the Jets coming up in the next three weeks Avery is in a position to move into the realm of top tiered receivers very quickly. Avery ranks 3rd on the Rams in receptions only trailing Holt and Stephen Jackson; with half of his catches coming in the past two weeks and two Teeders to show for it Avery is just starting to heat up. He also leads the team in receiving yards.

When Holt first came into the league he was known as the major deep threat to compliment Issac Bruce and it appears that Avery has moved into that position with Holt not quite having that explosive speed he once had. Avery is the real deal and could be that huge receiver you have been looking for to complete your roster for the playoff drive.
This is not the highlight I was looking for originally so if anyone out there has the highlight of Avery making the NE secondary collegiate but running into one another post a comment to this but this highlight is not too shabby against a veteran in Hobbs:
Author: JD Dowell
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