2012 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 14


It’s about that time for playoffs when decisions will affect the outcome of your championship.  There are always a couple injuries or spot starters needed for the champion to take it all home.  Work the waiver wire hard and pay close attention to the news.  Here are the top pick-ups for Week 14.

5 Star Pickups

Heath Miller (TE, PIT) - if someone was impatient and dropped Miller when Big Ben went out then now is the time to grab him.  He had an unexpectedly great weekend, but when Big Ben gets back Heath Miller will pick up where he left off.

4 Star Pickups

DeAngelo Williams (RB, CAR) - with Stewart out with injuries it has let the door open for Williams.  He is a grab for owners short at RB looking for a RB that is getting solid workload.  As long as Stewartis out Williams is a pretty nice spot starter.

Brandon Myers (TE, OAK) - Brandon Myers has been on this list for the past 10 weeks and he is still on tons of waiver wires.  If you have a hole at TE then Myers is an easy start and tends to put up consistent fantasy numbers.

Justin Blackmon (WR, JAX) - if Shorts misses next weeks game due to his concussion then Blackmon will pick up where Shorts leaves off.

TY Hilton (WR, IND) - tends to make his way on this list every week.  He is the preferred target over Donnie Avery and is also getting special teams points.

Vick Ballard (RB, IND) - if Donald Brown misses next week’s game then Ballards value gets a bump.  If he happens to be on your wire he is a nice stash while you wait on the news.

3 Star Pickups

Dallas Clark (TE, TB) - quietly benefitting from Freeman’s solid play.  Clark is a player to call on in TD only leagues if you have an underperforming TE.

Marcedes Lewis (TE, JAX) - he has more upside if Shorts misses next weeks game due to his concussion.  Lewis will pick up additional catches and will be a better start in PPR leagues.

Donnie Avery (WR, IND) - if you are in a PPR league the Colts throw a ton, Avery has TD upside and Avery is targeted frequently.

Chris Givens (WR, StL) - well Amendola sat out this weekend and Givens continued to catch ball after ball.  If you are in a PPR league Chris Givens can not be overlooked especially if you have underperforming or injured WR.

2 Star Pickups

Mike Thomas/Titus Young (WR, DET) - if Broyles misses time then Young and Thomas are the next WR’s on deck.  It’s hard to say who will step up in the WR2 role in Detroit as Young has been a pain in the neck for Detroit.  Gamble pick is Young and safer pick is Thomas for WR2.

Montell Owens (RB, JAX) - almost impossible to recommend at this point, but if you are in need of a starting RB and there is nothing out there then you can dig super deep with Owens.  Keep an eye on Rashad Jennings status.

Louise Murphy (WR, CAR) - with Brandon LaFell injury on Sunday it appears Murphy will have a chance to step up.  Carolina receivers can be up and down and my expectation is Greg Olsen gets the biggest benefit from the injury.

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  1. My WRs are Julio, Nicks, Jordy, and Danario. With Jordy going down again w/ a hamstring issue...one that is "not of a serious nature" but might cost him at least a week or two...should I stash him in case he plays 2-3 weeks from now? Or, cut my losses and pick up someone who could play if needed in a pinch? James Jones, Givens, Amendola, and others are out there. I have 6 RBs, so it's likely that I'd only need to play 2 WRs on any given week. Thanks!

    1. Can you stash Jordy and grab James Jones?

  2. I am in the same boat
    Have Jennings,Nelson,Austin,Danario,L.Moore its half ppr.

    I only have 4 bench spots. I can drop Mccoy (have Brown) and pick up jones or just go with that group. I really like moore for week 15,16. I dont have a clue what to do this week. I make a mistake and dropped steve smith and kept Mccoy hoping for a return. I was going to go with Danario, Jennings,Nelson. I know Smith has a good match for the last three games. At the time I was short on a running back.

    I might have to go with Austin, Danario, Jennings not happy about it but o well.
    I could go with Moore have sproles and jimmy just hope two of the three break out.

    Bree does not play good out doors but has played lights out vs the giants the last two times he has played them but both times where at home.

    Another question
    Have Ridley,Brown/Mccoy, Sproles, murray start three

    Odds are someone will pick up smith so Ill be left with Jones or one of the rookiees.

    We start three wr.

    A note I didnt listen to you and started brown last week.

    1. I most likely said to sit Bryce if McCoy plays, which is the same advice this week... for upside to Ridley, Brown, and Murray. For WR's go Jennings, Alexander, and Austin, if you need more upside in a PPR league you can sit Austin for Moore.

      Good luck!

  3. Thanks for your reply above. My 6 RBs are DMC, Ridley, Morris, BJGE, Bryce Brown, and Beanie. I could maybe drop Beanie for James Jones. (We only start 2 RBs plus a Flex). My other alternative would be Antonio Gates...I have Hernandez as my starter. Would you drop either for James Jones, Amendola, Chris Givens, or to handcuff a RB (like getting Shane Vereen or Evan Royster)? Also, this will sound crazy, if I keep a backup TE, would Jared Cook be an upgrade over Gates? I'm encouraged by his target trend. Sorry to throw so much at you, but I'd love any advice you would have on how to manage things for the playoffs! Thanks!

    1. I should also mention that I have the Broncos for DEF/ST, but did pick up the Browns for this week in case I go that route. Also, just an FYI, we also start 1DL, 1LB, and 1DB in this league too...but am not currently carrying any backup defensive players (though I have considered adding 1).

    2. If this is PPR you can drop Gates for Givens (sneaky PPR if Amendola is out again) if you need TD's then go for Jones.

    3. It's a standard league... So drop Gates for Jones?

    4. Yup, drop Gates for Jones

  4. PPR League (.5 per reception); It's a win or go home situation for me for playoffs, playing the #1 team in the league and need points! Need to Start 2 WR, 2 RB, and 1 Flex. Options Are:

    D. McFadden (RB)
    M. Reece (RB)
    D. Sproles (RB)
    D. Murray (RB)
    V. Ballard (RB)
    P. Garcon (WR)
    D. Alexander (WR)
    G. Jennings (WR)
    D. Amendola (WR)


    1. Murray, Sproles, Garcon, Alexander and Jennings... good luck

  5. I forgot one thing regarding dropping Gates for James Jones. Kenny Britt is also available. Do you like him or Jones better? I have been reading that the Titans will be getting more pass happy w/ Britt.

    1. I like Jones better this week with Jordy out

  6. In a PPR league, undecided about my RB2 and flex (WR or RB) with the following options:

    Donald Brown
    Fred Jackson
    Jacquizz Rodgers
    Danario Alexander

    I'm pretty sure about Fred Jackson at RB2. As for flex, I think I'm set on a WR, but have no clue who to pick between Amendola, Alexander and Garcon. Thoughts?

  7. Hatty,

    I would like to say Thank You for helping me make 3 of my fantasy leagues. I have a first round bye in one league but need advice with the two other leagues. They are both ppr, here we go:

    League One: QB, 2 Rb, 3 Wr, Te, Flex

    Schaub, Locker: Murray, McFadden, Reece, Starks, F Jones: Megatron, Demaryius, Rice, James Jones, Gordon and M Williams: Graham and Tamme

    League Two: Rodgers and Weeden: Forte, Ballard, Beanie, Reece and Starks: Roddy, Hilton,Nicks, Rice, Amendola, Hartline and Boldin: Graham and Daniels. This league I start Qb, two Rb, two wr, te, flex. Thank You.

    1. Schaub, Murray, McFadden, Mega, Demaryius, Rice, Graham

      Rodgers, Forte, Ballard, Roddy, Nicks, Rice, Graham... Hilton over Rice for more upside.

  8. Which te should I start this week? Mercedes Lewis or Dallas Clark ? N thx for the help last week.

  9. Fred Jackson or Jacquizz Rodger this week? I ask you this last week n I started Fred which was great. What you think about this week? Thanks.

  10. I just read that Donald Brown is out this week vs Tennessee. With that in mind, should I start Ballard over Fred Jackson

  11. Need some expert advice. In a 12 man non PPR non flex I need two: Jamal Charles, Steven Jackson, and Knowshon Moreno.
    Thanks for the help and the help so far this year.